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"HaClinica" is a veterinary center in the heart of Tel Aviv, established in 2010 by Dr. Avishai Gruengard and Dr. Anat Milner.
Our main goal is first and foremost animal welfare and caring for the health of our patients.
HaClinica provides patients with professional and dedicated care using the most advanced medical equipment in surgery, imaging, laboratory work and internal medicine.
In addition Haclinica has a dozen hospitalization cages, which are spacious, clean and aesthetic to allow rest and rehabilitation for patients who have gone medical procedures.

At the clinic you can receive a wide range of medical services:

Prevention medicine: specifically set for your individual pet.

Internal Medicine: diagnosing diseases or medical problems and finding the solution in non-invasive ways.
These are achieved with advanced diagnostic equipment and the vast experience of our doctors.

Laboratory: comprehensive blood work (biochemistry and blood count), serology, cytology, urine analysis, fungal diagnosis

Imaging: Endoscope and an ultrasound machine which allows non invasive ways to perform internal examinations and advanced digital x-ray and dental x-ray which provides excellent quality images, reduced radiation and discomfort for your pet.

Surgery: A highly equipped, sterile and isolated operating room, suited for major and minor surgical procedures.

Dental care: procedures performed on a specially designed dental table with a professional dental unit and dental x-ray, which allows complete access to the oral cavity and prevents the wetting of the animal.

Hospitalization: Twelve specious, clean, monitored and highly comfortable hospitalization cages, which allow personal attention for recovering or ill animals.

Barber services: Medical, grooming and styling for both cats and dogs.

Emergency Treatment: On call 24/7. The clinic provides emergency services around the clock and we are always available for consultation over the phone.
The clinic has set a goal to provide the best service not only to its patients but also to the owners.
We know that bringing an animal to the vet involves many concerns, thus it is important for us to always provide a detailed explanation on the state of animal and the medical options available, so that the owners, will know exactly what their animals are going through. We place great importance in monitoring the animal's condition during and after the treatments and every customer that comes for a medical examination is entitled to a follow up checkup at no additional cost.

Dr. Avishai Gruengard and Dr. Anat Milner- Roterman, have both worked in several large veterinary medical centers for several years where they gained a lot of experience in all aspects of veterinary medicine.
Their combined experiences and beliefs led Anat and Avishai to establish this clear vision of the quality they intend to provide their patients and their owners, through a highly professional medical care and involvement.
The clinic has set for itself a target that your pets and you will feel that you are receiving the best medical and personal care. You are invited to contact the clinic staff, for every problem and every question.

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